Thrive Academy was founded in 2018 by Jessica Miklos Tam. In the course of her teaching career, she became intimately familiar with the struggles that families face in trying to find the ideal learning environment for their children when the children do not fit easily into a traditional classroom.

In order to support these families, Jessica chose to open her door to struggling students. She wanted students to be able to access services that evaluate exactly where they are currently in terms of skills and challenges. The student would then be provided with an individualized learning plan to allow them to fill any learning gaps and achieve success in their next learning goal.

Jessica Miklos Tam

Principal and Founder of Thrive Academy

Jessica Miklos TamJessica began her teaching career in 2009 at a private Montessori school in Toronto. She had the privilege of leading a classroom where children developed solid skills in literacy and numeracy as well as a strong sense of independence. While teaching in this environment, she confirmed her love of teaching. She also discovered that her favourite teaching moments involved working with the students who struggled the most. When offered the chance to work with children who were struggling in a more traditional school setting, she jumped at the chance. Problem-solving in an educational setting proved to be a passion.

When Jessica meets a child, she looks for clues pointing to the adult that the child will become. She passionately believes that every child has something wonderful to contribute to the world. That the sacred duty of every educator is to observe carefully and to identify barriers that are getting in a child’s way so that the child can truly thrive. Jessica knows that every child wants to do well. She is committed to finding the path that will allow each child to do just that.