How Do We Help Our Students?

Individualized Curriculum

At Thrive Academy, our curriculum is individualized for each child. This means that families can expect to see individualized weekly work plans.

Lesson PlanningWhen a child first joins our program, we spend time getting to know the child, the family and their previous educational experiences. We want to know when the child has been successful, and when the child has struggled. We also want to know about moments when the child is the most and the least engaged in their environment. At Thrive Academy, we seek to increase those moments of engagement. We use the child’s interests to maximize opportunities for learning and growth.

Ongoing Skills Assessment

Once we have a general picture of the child, we begin the work of digging deep to understand the underlying causes of the child’s difficulties. This means looking to pinpoint skills that can be improved so that the child can be more successful in chosen tasks.

Working with Your Hands

Skills: Working with handsIn our increasingly technological world, many children are less proficient at using their hands than they may have been in the past. There is a strong connection between the use of the hands and the development of the mind. In Montessori philosophy, there is a strong emphasis on practical skills as the foundation for developing the ability to concentrate. Neuroscientists are now studying the connections between working with your hands and brain chemistry. At Thrive Academy, we know without a doubt, that fine motor skills will serve our students well. Work plans will always include fine motor activities that are suited to the child’s current level of development. Fine motor work can give the child a mental break between cognitive tasks and also builds skills that will be useful in everyday life.

We look forward to serving your child and helping to reignite their love for learning.

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