Tutoring Sessions are Fully Individualized

Thrive Academy is pleased to provide individualized tutoring for elementary-aged students in reading and math. Your child will benefit from dynamic sessions that are individually tailored to boost your child’s performance while keeping your child engaged. We do this by moving quickly between engaging activities that suit your child’s current skill level. It is our mission to ensure that your child’s abilities and enthusiasm are growing with each activity.

Two students receiving individualized education

In our program design, we draw on the latest research in neuroplasticity and child development. We make extensive use of Montessori materials and theory to isolate target skills and give the child a great degree of control over their own learning. We also draw on the work of Dr Ross Greene who developed a program called Collaborative and Proactive Solutions which is recognized internationally for its effectiveness in supporting children through a proactive problem-solving process. Our individualized learning plans allow our students to overcome learning challenges and reach their full potential.

Before getting started, we conduct a comprehensive initial assessment. This assessment takes about one hour during which your child will complete a variety of tasks designed to assess their mastery of skills related to areas of concern. Following this assessment, families receive a written report outlining areas of strength, areas of weakness and an individualized plan for moving forward. The fee for this initial assessment is $150. One-to-one sessions following the initial assessment cost $75 per session.