Reduced anxiety, motion sickness and sensory sensitivity

Thank you for working with my 12-year-old daughter this year. The seven weeks that she spent training with you were not only enjoyable but highly effective as well. Before working with you she had a very hard time in highly stimulating environments such as concerts, movies and restaurants.  Not to mention severe motion sickness! The changes have been remarkable, not only is she able to handle all of these things, she loves them.  There have been so many subtle changes it’s hard to explain. Her anxiety, enjoyment of school and friendships have all improved drastically. I can’t thank you enough for working with her, the best part is, she loved it! – Anon

Homework battles are a thing of the past

Jessica has been working with my daughter since late October. My initial goal was to have my daughter start to read in English and to catch up to grade-level expectations in French. Now, at the end of the school year, my daughter is a confident reader in both English and French. My daughter adores Jessica. I appreciate her insightful reports about my daughter’s progress and her detailed plans for moving forward.

Once my original goals had been met, I still had concerns about my daughter’s initiative with respect to schoolwork. Her skills had improved, but homework remained a battle and I felt like we would need tutoring support indefinitely. Jessica acknowledged my concerns and set to work to find a solution so that my daughter could become more independent and focussed. After some research, she suggested Interactive Metronome®. Using that tool, Jessica was able to assess my daughter’s timing and determined that she was having difficulty coordinating her movements and processing auditory information. She set up a treatment plan and after only three sessions, we started to see significant results. My daughter came home with her weekly homework package and took it upon herself to get started right away. In one night, she finished half of her work for the week and finished the rest before school the next morning. Her improved initiative is such a relief. Late homework and daily hysterical crying about homework are a thing of the past. We’ve also noticed that our daughter’s performance in soccer has improved. She is now an active scorer, which is new for her.

I have seen many positive changes in my daughter that I attribute to the work that she has done with Jessica. Jessica genuinely cares about getting to the bottom of learning problems, and she delivers on what she sets out to do.  – Nicole. Mom of a grade 2 French Immersion student.

Learning to Read

It has been incredible watching my son thrive under the guidance and tutelage from Jessica. Her sessions are the highlight of his week – and his learning curve has been massive. In one session, she figured him out – in terms of how he learns, what will help him thrive, how to set him up for success, and which teaching methodology will best serve him. He has jumped 14, yes, 14 reading levels in 6 months. His confidence has grown as a result which is having positive repercussions across all facets of his life. Her innovative and interactive teaching style is a gift.

Shelagh, mom of a grade 2 French Immersion student

Successful participation in Christmas Concert

Gavin has always had a hard time at school Christmas concerts. Typically he can stay calm in the range of seconds to minutes in that setting. He has never actually performed at a concert. We normally have to leave because his anxiety is too great. One year we forced him to stay for 20 minutes so that we could watch his brother. During that time he yelled and swore at everyone around us.

This year was different. His class was performing last. He sat through the entire concert calmly and quietly. When it was his class’ turn, he was able to join them on stage. And he sang. And the whole time, he was tapping out the metronome beat on his leg. This is the first big change that we have seen since beginning work with Thrive Academy. He had 8 home sessions with Interactive Metronome before this concert. We are curious to see what other changes we will see as we continue to work through his program.

Jessica – Mother of Gavin, age 10